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IT consulting for IT risk management

Is IT a valuable contributor to your company’s stated business goals? More importantly, have you identified the critical factors required to achieve that success? Great Northern’s twenty years of IT experience can help you navigate the evolving IT landscape and allow you to enjoy the highest return on your IT investment, while greatly reducing the amount of risk.





Services are people and people are an organization’s most important asset. Unfortunately most organizations do not have the ability to employ all the resources when they need them. This challenge requires a compromise between available funds and talent. Flexible workforce, staffing, managed services, and integration services are all areas where Great Northern excels.
Twenty years ago, our company was built on the foundation of using highly skilled engineering talent to manage or augment the customer’s IT organization.



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Data Center Solutions


Most IT leaders are faced with critical questions surrounding deploying new technologies in the private versus the public cloud, and if located in the public cloud, how they will manage and support that integration.